II. Sekolah Menengah Atas Negeri 2 (SMAN 2)

School’s Ground
School’s Logo

SMA Negeri 2 Banjarmasin or better known as SMADA was established in 1965 with the Decree of the Minister of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia Number 009 / SK / B.1165-66, dated September 3, 1965. Public High School Banjarmasin 2 is one of the favorite high schools because its very famous and there are a lot of extra- curricular activities. It is also the largest in South Kalimantan in terms of student capacity and land buildings.

Banjarmasin State Senior High School 2 has a distinctive feature, namely the existence of Special Sports Classes (KKO) which opened in 2013. This Special Sports Class is intentionally made to facilitate gifted children in the field of sports so that they can develop their talents in the full sport field.

Supported by adequate facilities in accordance with educational standards, Banjarmasin 2 Public Middle School has been able to produce graduates who are able to have high competitiveness in various universities throughout Indonesia and become qualified human resources based on Imtak and Science and Technology.


Delivering Next Generation Nation Devoted, Character, Self and Wise


1) Carry out the activities and development of noble character and manners.

2) Implement educational Qur’an Literacy.

3) Establish the character and personality of students with dignity and national spirit through the Boy Scouts and other extracurricular.

4) Organize a learning system that encourages the actualization of competence and independence of learners.

5) Increase the professionalism and accountability of the school as a center for educational development of local excellence (sasirangan).

6) Implement special education class sport.

7) To empower the participation of stakeholders in education quality and competitiveness based on the principles of school-based management (SBM).

8) To collaborate with government agencies, universities and other institutions in a strategic partnership.

9) Implement Educational Honestly, Healthy, Clean and Beautiful environmentally.



1) To produce graduates who noble and virtuous.

2) To produce graduates who are able to read and write the Koran as well as to understand the meaning and significance.

3) To produce graduates with character and a high national spirit.

4) Produce graduates who coined knowledge and skills and independence and high competitiveness.

5) To produce graduates who are creative, innovative in developing local advantages sasirangan fabric.

6) As a means for students who are gifted in the field of sport to acquire a science.

7) To produce graduates who loves honesty, health, hygiene and beauty and has a high environmental insight.


Various facilities are owned by SMAN 2 Banjarmasin to support teaching and learning activities. This facilities includes:

  • 40 Classroom
  • 1 Library
  • 7 Laboratory Space for Biology, Physics Laboratory, Chemistry
  • 1 Multipurpose building
  • 1 Islamic Prayer Room.


There are 78 teachers and employees of the school helping one another in providing the best service to their 584 male and 614 female students. Also, they have 38 study group in the school.

SMA Negeri 2 has many extracurricular activities, including:

  • Basketball
  • Volleyball Youth Red Cross (PMR)
  • Futsal
  • Soccer
  • Panting music
  • Modern Dance
  • Traditional dance
  • Japan Art Club Smada (JAC’S)
  • Theater
  • Choir
  • Paskibra
  • Youth Scientific Work (KIR)
  • SMADA Model (MOSA)
  • Youth Mosque (Resma)
  • Debate
  • Acoustic Band
  • Entrepreneurship


There are 5 days of school learning in a week. Each subject has 45 minutes per lesson. The lesson starts at 7:30 am in the morning except Monday because they have a ceremony. Students may take a break after each class. Then, the classes end at 4:00 PM except Friday and if there are extra-curricular activities.

This school used materials in accordance with new 2013 Curriculum.  Books are located in the library written by Indonesian authors. They also use Google for searching additional information.

The teacher follows the core and basic competences in writing the different indicators of their teaching plan or lesson plan.  The assessments used are group reports and presentation to enhance the critical thinking of students.

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