III. Curriculum 2013


Based on my research, the school follows the 2013 curriculum that is IT-based. It is integrated in teaching and in all facets of the school.  Accordingly, the curriculum objective is creating productive, creative, and innovative through strengthening effective attitudes, skills and integrated knowledge for Indonesians.  It is also proposed to produce Indonesian citizens with religious tolerance and mental health. It emphasized on the equality of spiritual, social, curiosity, creativity, knowledge and psycho-motor collaboration.

For senior high school, students are free to choose their major field and can take up to two cross-major subjects from other major fields as early as they enter senior high school. For example, a student from natural science major can take some subjects in social science or language/culture major, such as sociology or economy.

Ministry of Education and Culture has set up a website to oversee the implementation of the 2013 curriculum. The website provides details of curriculum implementation, including teachers guide and subject materials.

The curriculum is good because it is based on what the Indonesian people are, what they need and what the country envisions. The students also will have the chance to learn also other subjects aside from their major field which will help them to be flexible in teaching in the future. In addition, the IT-based curriculum is a tool to develop the  students 20th Century Skills. For example, making a blog about our educational experiences just like what we do.However, students and teachers must not allow the control of technology in humans. Sometimes, it affects students negatively, for example, being lazy to take note in class. The good thing is students must use the technologies nowadays as a partner in learning and a partner for teaching on the part of teachers.

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