IV. My Observation Days

From August 6, 2018 until August 10, I observed different classes of Ibu Fithria ,Ibu Widiaswara , Ibu Henny, Miss Azimah and Dra. Hadijah. It’s an observation of Sociology and Geography of grade 10, 11 and 12.  I was excited but at the same time nervous because it was my first time to face students with different culture, religion, and ethnicity.

In August 6, 2018 , we were given the opportunity to introduce ourselves to all of the students after their ceremony. I  was  glad for the warm welcome from Mr. Hym who first accompanied us until the end of our practicum in SMAN. We introduced ourselves using English, a little bit of Bahasa and Filipino.

Probably, the students have mistaken me to be a Thai because they greet me in Thai language.  My buddy informed me that the SEA-Teachers deployed in this school before us came from Thailand.

Upon entering the classes, I saw very friendly, polite and smart students.  For Grade 10, there is a good interaction between students and teachers. The students actively asked questions and the teacher is like a kind mother who has a sense of humor personality but has the authority as a teacher. I felt like they are family. Some of the teacher use also power point presentation which is their guide in discussing their lessons. They allow students to watch videos and view pictures.

For the higher years which are grade 11 and 12, they also use collaborative method. The teacher asked the students to research the assigned topic. It is usually done by group and will be presented the next meeting. They report by using the power point, giving their arguments, opinions and analysis. Then the teacher summarizes and concludes together what transpired in the discussion and reports. The students are participating actively and their having fun as well. Students really need the Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) just like for example making judgement on arguments concerning on the issues of the society today.


Actually, in my observation, the daily routine was a little bit the same with the Philippines.  They do the following;

  • Greetings:  Good morning ma’am ( Selamat Pagi)

For Muslims, they say first (   “Assalamualaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa                         Barakatuhu”   which means “peace be upon you.”

  • Prayer: Amen……
  • Checking Attendance: (Hadir!)(Present )
  • Review of the topic: What was our lesson yesterday?
  • Motivation: Showing pictures for identification and many more.
  • Activities/ Assessment: Group work and others
  • Conclusion/Generalization
  • Assignment/ Homework: Group report

          Teachers of social studies have a meeting every week to evaluate their lessons. Teachers have the opportunity to share what are their additional information on their lessons or the confusion that they encounter about a specific topic . For example, one talked about a difficulty in understanding her lesson so she asked the other teachers what they know about it. . According to the principles of teaching, other teachers can be a good source of information for the improvement of one teacher.It’s very nice to hear that teachers in this school help each other.

Miss Azimah Teaching in Grade 10
Dra. Hadijah Evaluating the Students Reports in Grade 12

Observing the students and teachers of the school SMADA 2 Banjarmasin was very exciting and fun especially that it’s my first week. So see you in the next pages of my journey here as I share to you the experiences I remember in my head, but also in my heart!

             Sampai jumpa! :):):)

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