IV. “It Closes, but it does not End”

It takes courage to be a part of the SEA-Student Teacher Program. Participating student teachers must be ready physically, mentally and spiritually.

Physically in a sense that we should take care of ourselves because we will be living in a different place with different food, clothing, weather, behavior, laws, or culture as a whole. However, we will overcome our differences by respecting and allowing ourselves to understand their way of living.

Mentally ready in a sense that the student teachers must have the presence of mind in going to their destinations especially at the airport because I’ve been confuse with the terminal and some people tried to fool me. But I’m glad that I survived the challenge.  Also, we must set our mind about the purpose of this practicum that we must achieve because it’s not focused on traveling.

Third, spiritually ready, this means that by faith, no matter what religion, we believe that they can do the practicum successfully.

Despite the language barrier and difference in culture, I realized that enjoyment of what we do in our practicum will lead us to understanding each other because we are connected at the heart and not in language.

I realized I improved in expressing myself in English so I felt better. Even so, I believe that there’s always  a room for improvement and there are still blessings and opportunities to come to practice my teaching.

Overall, the program is a very good avenue for the student teachers of South East Asian countries specifically Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia to improve their teaching for a quality education that leads to a quality life for students, teachers and the community. I hope its success will continue even though 6th batch was closed, I believe it does not yet end.  :):):)

Thank you so much ( Terima Kasih Banyak) for reading my blog. 


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