V. My Teaching Assistance Days

I started to assist in Dra. Hadijahs IPS (Social Class) 4, grade 12 but we meet first Ibu Sussana, one of the vice head master , for fixing our schedules. I learned from ma’am Sussana how to be an enthusiastic teacher. Even though teaching is very exhausting sometimes, I must be motivated always so that my students will also be motivated to learn.

I learned Indonesian words of respect from her that I can use for my stay in the school. For example, “Pian” is for the older people and “Ikam” when they are younger.

After fixing our schedule, I was challenged because my task will be putting additional inputs and conclusion after the class discussed a topic or reported and they used Bahasa. Even so, I learned to be ready on what should I say .Ask help from my buddy who knows very well how to speak Bahasa and listen well to the  students’ reports while they are in front. For example, the students reported about Social Change from Structure Side. They explained the meaning of social change and its positive and negative effect impact.

For my part, I used a graphic organizer to explain my thought and I’m happy that the students understood what I said during those times.

judy 1

This is a video I took before I gave my conclusion. . I hope you’ll understand it.:)

Independence Day is the day of freedom so for this week we enjoyed a lot of joining traditional Indonesian games with the English club buddies. Spin competition and many other games are so fun and exciting.

We also attended the scouting ceremony and I witnessed the patience and dedication of the students and teachers for their country. John F. Kennedy once said, “Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country.”

Aside from joining their traditional games, together with the students and some teachers, they sang Bahasa songs and they heard also how we sang our Filipino songs. We had a good time hearing each other and I learned to be a friendly teacher.

The experience was an instrument for a good relationship between a teacher and a student. So when teachers and students have established good communication outside the classroom. The students will not be afraid to express their own opinions and thoughts in class.

One of my students also shared about her experience about cyber bullying. She told me that it affected her studies much.So I talked to her and said that she needs to be careful on what she posed on her social media account.  Honestly, she told me that she also wants to join the SEA-Teacher Project. I observed that she speaks well in English and smart as well so I encouraged her to try in the future.

In this generation, there are a lot of things to do with the help of technology. However, teachers should  give pieces of advice to students and to be careful on what they post in social media. However, the use of  technology is  very helpful partner of teaching students just like making power point, downloading videos and others. It is also good to teach students to use the internet as a partner in studying  just like reading books that are downloadable from google.IMG-20180816-WA0011



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