VI. A My Practice Teaching Days


First, the teacher gave me the syllabus and book with the help of my buddy for reading my lesson. The topic will be “Forms of Social Change based of structure and nature. I wrote my indicators based on the core and basic competences of sociology. I followed their process of teaching which includes greeting the students, checking the attendance, praying (different prayer),activity, discussion and conclusion. I used the collaborative teaching that teachers use in grade 12.  This is a very good strategy because students interact actively with me.

They watched a video entitled “Social Change”, a review of the meaning of social change for 5 minutes.

For their activity, the students are grouped into five. They need to research the five forms of social change which are industrialization, modernization, urbanization, westernization and globalization. Give the meaning and examples for 30 minutes. Each grouped presented their answers in English by using google translate and I’m happy with their cooperation.

LP 1.1

LP 1.2
—My Lesson Plan For Practice 🙂

Making the Indonesian lesson plan is very challenging because its my first time to make it. On the other hand, it’s interesting because I will learn how to make their own lesson plan. The student teachers of Universitas Lambung Mangkurat helped me in the constructions so I did not worry much. The structure of lesson plan in the Philippines and Indonesia are different but both of the lesson plans target the cognitive, psycho-motor and affect. The affect that focuses on the emotion is more important because it stirs the values of the students.


—Hello. The class edited this video . This is when they had their break time and took their rest. The word “shorts” must be short and “IIS” must be IPS (Social Class).

In this video, you can take a look at the classrooms’ environment .:)


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