VI.B. My Practice Teaching Days

IMG20180824103645 (2)
-The students raising their hands to answer.:)
— Student sharing her answers.:)


Before starting my class, my rule is only one word, PATIENCE!


T– alk






I used this kind of rule so that the students will remember until the end of the class our rules, as I said before “emotion has the power of retention”. As a result, the flow of our lesson went very well.

For my motivation, I introduced the “4 PIC, 1 WORD”. It is showing four pictures that has only one meaning. This game will make the students analyzed and think deeply about the meaning of the pictures. The words are related to the topic “Positive and Negative Effects of Social Change. I’m glad that the students liked it very much and they are excited for they will get a reward. This game got their attention very well.

For the students’ activity, I used the partner learning to promote active participation. Each partner picked either positive effect of social change using the keywords (Industrialization, Urbanization, Modernization, and Globalization).The first five volunteers will present and will also get a reward card. I used reward card which comprised of Philippine peso as a way for them to participate and a remembrance also.

After this, together with the students, I asked the students what have we done and I summarize it also. To maximize the time, I instructed the students to make a reflection paper about what they will do or would like to do in order to avoid the negative consequences of social change. Before this, they watched a short video entitled “Man” that reflects the consequences of man’s greediness.

I gave also an opportunity to students to share their answers and I really appreciate their sincerity about what they learned and reflected.


–My Power Point PresentationPPT 1












—A video from Steve Curtis that the students watched before they reflected.:)

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