VII. “Teaching Beyond Facts”


“I believe that the goal of education is not only about giving of information but also character formation.”

The school of Sekolah Menengah Atas Negeri of Banjarmasin envisioned delivering a next generation who are devoted, character and self-wising. I realized that the teachers from this school are not only focusing on academics but modeling also good values. Teachers do their best in teaching the students which signifies being responsible. Listening to students opinion which signifies being respectful and correcting the students’ bad behavior which signifies being disciplined.

When teachers became a model of values, they integrate also that could be learned from the lesson. For example, I remember one of my students in Grade 12 once said that to promote peace as a student, they must give importance to the discussion and respect the opinion of the other students. It’s more satisfying for me to read this rather than a perfect score of a memorized quiz because the student is sincere to what she said.

As the good book says, children must be trained on the way they should go and when they are old, they will not depart from it. Thus, as a social studies teacher, I learned to integrate values that could be learned in my lesson so that my students will keep these until they grow which they could pass also in the next generation and I believe that the youth are the hope of one’s nation. It is for their personal growth, for their family and for their country as well, its for all the countries.

“Alright, it’s an opportunity to build values among our students as we teach banks of facts from books and knowledge from our head.”:)

—I made a short video by using the photo stage slide show about their reflections and solutions as student or in the future to avoid the negative effects of social change. I hope you can read them.:)

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