VIII. “Exchanging Culture”


—Students ask questions after we presented  Philippine Culture.:)

Experience is the Best teacher! 

Happy to let you know that I had the opportunity to share our Philippine culture to the students of SMAN Banjarmasin.

I felt that the students are very interested to learn something about our culture. I taught them about the our school Bengeut State University, our food, dances and music in our famous festvals( Strawberry, Panagbenga and Adivay). They asked questiones about some of the Philippines’ famous artist just like Daniel Padilla and Christian Bautista. But what they like most to hear is our Filipino language, so I said “magandang umaga” (Good morning), “mahal ko kayong lahat “ (I love you all) and others as an example. 🙂

I learned a lot of Bahasa Indonesia, terimah kasih banyak (thank you so much) for the Indonesian buddies, teachers and students . The jolly, smart and respectful students, teachers and buddies shared to me stories about the Dayak, about the Soto Banjar, about Sasirangan, their culture as a whole.

As a social studies teacher, I can read books, watch videos from you tube and search google about Indonesia’s’ Culture but I realized that experience is still my best teacher. The experience taught me not only knowledge but also meaningful lessons and appreciation of other culture., I also learned  how to mingle with other people, especially our brothers and sisters who are Muslims.

—Here is a video showing a glimpse of my exchange experience in Banjarmasin. I just use a slide show but I hope you like it.:)

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